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Architecting the Perfect Selfie

By Julia Weingardt August 15, 2014

canstruction-teamIt’s trendy. It’s practical and, as of this month, it’s officially a word in the Scrabble dictionary. There is no denying that the selfie has taken the world by storm.  While it’s typically thought of as an efficient method of photographing oneself without the help of a stranger, one local architectural group has given the front-facing camera an entirely new purpose – intimidation.
With Canstruction 2014 just weeks away, the ABC Washington Student Chapter recently posted a selfie to their fundraising page with the obvious goal of scaring the 20 other architectural and design teams in the competition. Those smiles may look friendly to some, but the determination and drive in their eyes is unmistakable.
The ABC Washington Student Chapter, however, is not the only team looking to frighten competitors. Cooper Carry, which is designing a Cansculpture based off of Mario Kart, wrote the following on its fundraising page:
“Whena times get tough, I pushes through witha mah mushroom acceleration, and launch mah green turtle shell and banana peel at anyone who will stand in mah way to win the race, and beat hunger! Ima gonna wiiiiiiiiin!”
Not only has Cooper Carry fully embraced the personality behind its Canstruction design, but it has also strategized several effective methods of weaning off opponents. There is no question that the team plans on taking home at least one of the six sought-after Canstruction awards this year.
While both of the aforementioned teams have taken to their respective fundraising pages to instill fear in competitors, it should be noted that several teams have refrained from utilizing online self-promotion—a strategy that could lead to some major surprises come build-day on August 23.
Strategy and preparation are important, but teams are going to have to rely on the support from Canstruction and Building Museum enthusiasts if they want to even come close to winning the People’s Choice Award. The team with the most votes (in either non-perishable or monetary form) will take home the prize, and all donations benefit the Capital Area Food Bank.
The competition is heating up. Make sure to check back here for all Canstruction updates, and keep us informed on your Canstruction news (including Canstruction selfies) by tweeting us at @foodbankmetrodc and using #Canstruction.