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Skip Lunch, Solve Hunger

By Julia Weingardt June 24, 2014

Kids1Can you solve -3y + 4z – 50 = -14?  How about 3(2x-5) – 2(4x+1) = -5(x+3) – 2? Sounds tricky, right? Now imagine solving those equations on an empty stomach. Just the thought of doing so may cause a bit of discomfort. Unfortunately, for the 200,000 children and teens at risk of hunger in the Washington metro area, this scenario is a reality and leads to problems much more serious than a little discomfort.
Numerous studies show that hungry children have lower math scores and are more likely to be hyperactive and late to, or absent, from school. Further evidence indicates that children suffering from hunger are more likely to be suspended from school and repeat a grade.
To ensure that children receive nutritious meals daily, the Capital Area Food Bank hosts monthly Family Markets at select schools, where fresh produce and non-perishable goods are distributed to approximately 100 families free of charge. Information about educational resources and community support services is also distributed at Family Markets. Family Markets provide kids with the energy and support they need to stay in school, focus, and yes—even solve the toughest algebra equations.
Family Markets play an important role throughout the Washington metro area, but there are always more communities, more families and more kids that need support. The CAFB wants to expand the Family Market program and needs your help.
This July, the CAFB is asking the community to donate what is normally spent on lunch to its annual Skip Lunch, Solve Hunger Campaign, to help raise enough money to cover the costs of a single Family Market. By donating, you can help feed kids struggling with hunger in your community.
Throughout the entire month of July, Shoppers Food & Pharmacy will match each individual donation up to a maximum of $10,000. In other words, your donation will double in value.
Sitting down to three meals a day shouldn’t be a choice. #SKIPLUNCH and help change your community.