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Market at Kennedy High School – Tremendous Success!

By Susan Topping May 29, 2014

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A mother cried as she departed from Kennedy High School earlier this month. Prior to arrival, she told her kids they would be eating noodles for the week as a result of her paycheck bouncing. Thankfully, that did not become a reality. In disbelief, she couldn’t help but well up after she received a week’s worth of groceries from the Capital Area Food Bank’s family market.
Just one of the many stories of the day…
Those that came to the Capital Area Food Bank’s first family market at Kennedy High School on Saturday, May 10, were greeted by cheerleaders and a legion of volunteers. Kennedy High School Students, ROTC students, PTA volunteers, Kennedy Cluster principals, Montgomery County Public School Staff, and many more packed in to a cafeteria the size of a football field. Attendees were treated to tables of household staples: pasta, rice, beans, apples, cabbages and sweet potatoes.
The event was a mash-up of a pep-rally, grocery store and teen-youth festival all at the same time.  Oh, and there also happened to be a DJ rocking out some funky beats.
Supplying families in the Kennedy Cluster with nutritious food is critical in bridging the academic achievement gap.  According to Share Our Strength, children are able to pay attention 75% more when they have adequate food.
However, there is another purpose in driving people to family markets. Yes, absolutely make certain families have food they need for their health and well-being.  But equally important is connecting families to important community organizations, educational resources and other support services.
While one parent may be off to receiving pancake mix and apples, another parent may sign up for the PTA, discover a resource like IMPACT Silver Springs sports activities, and learn academic strategies for kindergarten preparation.
And, that is exactly what happened. Within the first half hour, six families had signed their kids up for summer school.
Great Work Kennedy Cluster!
Click here to see some highlights of the day.