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We’re Getting Older…and We Need a Plan

By Susan Topping May 23, 2014

seniorIn 2010, there were 40.3 million seniors. By 2040, it is projected that there will be 79 million. Can you say double?  I’m definitely going to be among the grey heads by 2040. I can’t avoid growing older, but I hope to avoid poverty in the “golden years.”
Food insecure seniors are 50% more likely to have diabetes and 60% more likely to experience heart failure or suffer a heart attack.  According to Feeding America, if food insecurity and poverty trends continue, by 2025 the number of food insecure seniors will increase by 50%.
We need a plan…
Thankfully, the Capital Area Food Bank works with a network of strong and thoughtful partner organizations that are together preparing for the future.  The simple act of determining what programs provides nutritious food to seniors in Maryland and then placing them in areas of unmet need, is actually, well… not so simple.
To that end, the Capital Area Food Bank is working with Manna Food Center  to map out where each organization is working with seniors, when, and to what end.  Then, we hope to reach out to other organizations like Meals on Wheels as well as local government agencies to bring to light the fuller, collective picture.
Simply by sharing information, we can build a more informed regional map of what is being done for seniors today and what areas need our attention tomorrow.
Collaborative action can’t wait. When 30% of seniors don’t have enough in the fridge and need to make impossible choices regarding their food, heat, medication, and feeding their dependent grandchildren, it’s time to plan!