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Sheehy Makes it Easy to End Hunger

By Maria Booker April 29, 2014

sheahy-sortIn March, the Capital Area Food Bank reached out to Northern Virginia business leaders to begin a dialogue about how to better work collaboratively to end hunger. Once businesses understood the state of hunger in the region, they were anxious to play a larger role in hunger alleviation efforts.
In little time, many stepped up and demonstrated their corporate citizenship.
Just last week, 25 super energetic employees from the Sheehy Dealership Family descended on the CAFB’s Lorton Warehouse where they sorted over 18,000 pounds of meat in 2 hours!
The CAFB is unwavering in when it comes to nourishing the community with nutrient-rich foods, as evidenced by the 17.5 million pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables distributed last year. Thus, when large quantities of meat – packed full of protein – are donated, it is critical to quickly get it to people in need.
However, the process for collecting and distributing meat is a considerable challenge. Combined with short shelf lives, meats also need to be separated by type – pork, beef, chicken, turkey, venison, lamb, fish and sides.
With the help of volunteers like Sheehy, all 18,000 protein-packed pounds gets sorted and out into the community the very next day. Thanks Sheehy!
The Capital Area Food Bank is partnering with organizations of all sizes in helping reduce hunger in the region. Contact CAFB to learn more about these emerging opportunities.