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The “Real Feel”: Why I Love Being Out in the Community

By Tony Perkins December 5, 2013

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The Stuff-A-Truck campaign is one of my favorite things we do at Fox5.
I am lucky enough to meet all sorts of Fox5 viewers thanks to different events we sponsor throughout the Washington DC area. I meet many of them at Stuff-A-Truck.
We live in a region that is blessed with such diversity; there are people of so many different races, creeds, and colors. But they all share one thing: they truly want better for their community.
Some of the people I meet were fortunate enough to be born into families with strong political or business ties, and for many of them, their hard work is focused on continuing that family work.
For others, their family history tells a different story.
I have met many people who live in the DC region who share stories of hardship, and I’ve seen many children growing up with only one parent in their lives. For these families, the struggle is real, and parents working two or more jobs just to feed their children is pretty much all they can focus on.
That’s why this Stuff-A-Truck event means so much to me. Obviously, the effort itself, and the partnership with the Capital Area Food Bank is important, and does a lot to help people in need.
But getting to meet so many wonderful people is the part that touches me most. Our viewers and supporters turn out by the thousands, all to help those who are less fortunate. Their enthusiasm and the stories they tell are truly touching. Everyone has a story of why they want to share, and how it makes them feel.
Please join us on Friday, December 13 — we get to have fun! It’s usually pretty cold, so you will see us dancing and moving around and having as much fun as we can.
The goal is to collect non-perishable goods for all those in our region who risk going without this holiday season. My Fox5 colleague Holly Morris practically turns Stuff-A-Truck into a competitive event, so all of us at the other locations are always trying to keep up with or top what she’s doing! At the annual Stuff-A-Truck there’s just always a great spirit, for a great cause.
Find the participating Giant location closest to you so you can drop by on Friday. December 13. See you there!
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