Orange Crush - Capital Area Food Bank
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Orange Crush

By Chris von Spiegelfeld July 30, 2013

hamIf you’re looking for action this coming September, then look no further than the Capital Area Food Bank’s month long takeover, also known as Hunger Action Month. The CAFB is the Chuck Norris of food banks come Hunger Action Month. From start to an action-packed finish, the CAFB sidekicks out activities all month long to get people engaged in and aware about our work to solve hunger.
As we fill up our calendar in the coming weeks, here are a couple of events to be aware of:


Starting August 31 through September 7, regional architectural firms will square off in a design kumite by building structures out of canned goods during the annual Canstruction event at the building museum. At the end of the competition, the structures are disassembled and the cans are donated to the Capital Area Food Bank.

Go Orange

Spread hunger awareness by donning orange September 5. Though not exclusive to clothing, wearing orange will signify to others that you are hunger action aware and not to be messed with. Double down by changing out your social media avatars with orange Images.

Day to Serve

Day to Serve is an interfaith collaboration among churches, state governments and the city of Washington, D.C. that unites communities in helping feed those in need. From September 15 through September 29, join other hunger warriors and mark your territory by finding a nearby Day to Serve event.

Northern Virginia Hunger Summit (NVHS)

The NVHS may be the The Wild Bunch of Hunger Action events to cap off an exciting month. Save the date – on Friday, September 27 at First Baptist Church of Alexandria, food bank experts will discuss what the Capital Area Food Bank is doing to address hunger needs and reduce food waste.