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CAFB Delivers Water to Prince George’s County [UPDATE]

By Page Crosland July 17, 2013

water-shortageMore than 100,000 residents in southern Prince George’s County will be without water for up to five days as workmen repair a major water main that serves the area’s home and businesses.

How is the Capital Area Food Bank responding to this disaster?

The CAFB has begun to deliver water to over 15,000 individuals at risk of hunger insecure in Prince George’s County. In addition, the CAFB is contacting retail grocery stores in the region for donations of water to ensure that the targeted individuals will receive a minimum of two gallons of water per day for five days, as recommended by health officials. The water will be delivered by the CAFB to its 27 partner agency and Mobile Pantry sites in the county today and tomorrow and will concentrate on those individuals living in the most remote parts of the country.

How can you help?

Later today, the CAFB will identify sites in Prince George’s County that will be accepting donations of water and you are encouraged to donate. However, you can immediately support CAFB and relief efforts through the use of your cell phone. By simply texting FEEDCAFB to 85944, you can make a $10.00 donation that helps the CAFB continue nourishing its most vulnerable neighbors.
For more information, provided by The Washington Post, go here.
UPDATE, 12:15p.m.:Water shutoff averted in Prince George’s
According to Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, they’ve found a way to divert water around the faltering main, but mandatory water restrictions for more than 100,000 people remain in effect as it’s repaired.