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Volunteer Profile: Invaluable Kitchen Help

By Tracey Madigan April 5, 2013

Sharing a world of knowledge and years of experience is one of the best gifts anyone can give. And Chef Kate Sherwood gives hers to the Capital Area Food Bank in spades.
The Albany, NY, native writes for Nutrition Action, a newsletter that supports the Center for Science in the Public Interest and the advocacy work it does to improve nutrition and food policy. She develops and tests recipes – which is exactly what she does for the food bank. Working with the Healthy Eating Department, she teaches staff and partners how to make healthy meals on a budget.
The Culinary Institute of America alumni and former Food Network employee manages to make her hours of hard work and expertise spent in our test kitchen sound like the food bank is actually doing her a favor!
“It’s more direct and intense, and I get to speak directly with the people trying my recipes,” she glows. “After we test our recipes, we get to sit down at a meal to share not only the food, but our thoughts on eating healthy.”
Sherwood’s work is just one example of how our Skilled Volunteer program welcomes anyone wanting to share time and skills.