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Now is the Time to Contact Your State Legislators

By Brian Banks January 15, 2013

The Maryland and Virginia legislative sessions have begun. Do you know who your legislators are? Have you read what your legislators’ agendas are during the 2013 session? Have your legislators made a commitment to support organizations that provide assistance to the most vulnerable citizens in their communities? Have you made contact with your legislators to ask for support for the most vulnerable?
Now is the time to get on the phone or e-mail your state delegates and senators and ask them to support organizations that work to assist those who are in need of food assistance and other safety-net issues. Hunger in our community is here and we must take advantage of all available resources in order to obtain the healthy and nutritious foods our community members need, as well as empower those in our community with information that will help them in their time of need. Our legislators have the power to not only bring attention to the issues we all care about; they can also provide funding and other valuable resources to the entire region that we serve.
In Maryland:

  1. 12 percent of citizens in Suburban Maryland are at risk of hunger and 18 percent of children age 18 and under are suffering from hunger. US Census ACS
  2. In Prince George’s and Montgomery counties, 1 in 5 children under the age of 18 is at risk of hunger. US Census ACS

In Virginia:

  1. Over 217,000 people (about 13 percent) are at risk or experiencing hunger in Northern Virginia. (This includes Alexandria City; Manassas City; and Arlington, Fairfax, and Prince William counties.) US Census ACS
  2. In Northern Virginia, 1 in 6 children under the age of 18 is at risk of hunger. US Census ACS

No matter where you are in the Washington metro area, many of your constituents are having to make the sad choice between buying food this month or paying the bills. Our senior citizens have to make the choice between purchasing food or buying the medication that is vital for them to lead healthy lives.
Will you take a moment to contact your state delegate and state senator? Tell your Maryland or Virginia legislator about your community’s needs, the challenges you face in serving the community and ask them to make a commitment to the hungry people in your community.