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‘Tis the Season to Support SNAP

By Amanda Melara December 18, 2012

As generosity abounds during the holiday season, let us not forget to support the programs that are helping people every day of the year.
One of these programs is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps. In ongoing debates about the federal budget, SNAP continues to hold a central place because of its high cost, but should it constantly be at risk for cuts?
SNAP is currently an expensive program simply because so many people are eligible based on income. However as the economy and job situations improve, the numbers of people using the benefit will decrease as will the cost.
Even in its present form, the money we’re spending on SNAP is an investment in the future, providing nutrition to children and adults and, thereby, reducing the risk for the multitudes of hunger-related social, economic and health issues they may face if unable to eat properly.
Should a program that works to meet a basic human need be a target for cuts at the same time Congress is considering tax breaks for millionaires?
The effects of hunger are preventable when we provide our neighbors with the resources they need to put nutritious food on the table, and right now SNAP is helping millions to do just that. Please take a moment during the hustle and bustle of the season to remember those who are struggling and then voice your support for programs such as SNAP that are providing critical resources. Visit Congress.org for an easy way to find or write to all your federal and state officials.