Giving the Gift of Food for the Holidays - Capital Area Food Bank
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Giving the Gift of Food for the Holidays

By Angel Benton December 13, 2012

It’s that time again. There are bright lights, people singing, holiday cheer everywhere. Stores are filled with people trying to get their last minute gifts and ingredients for the big holiday feasts. People giving, people taking.
Stepping into the Capital Area Food Bank is very similar to the chaotic yet joyous hustle and bustle that goes on in the malls, on the streets and in the super markets during this time of year. Hunger Lifeline phone is constantly ringing. We’re running around our office and warehouse, with so much cheer as we do our best to grant our clients with some of the things on their holiday wish lists. We realize that we may not be able to give Ms. Robinson that vacation she’s been wanting, but we can ensure that she will be able to have a full meal on Christmas day. Ms. Clayton may not be able to undue the fire that she and her children had to endure, but she has confidence knowing that she can call the Hunger lifeline and get help finding a warm meal to feel her babies’ bellies. And although, we may not be able to take Ms. Clark off of furlough from her job, she knows that she can count on us to help her fill her fridge so that when her children go there, they don’t find it empty.
Giving the gift of food to those families is the best feeling throughout the food bank. Every time we are successful in finding our clients a place that they can obtain food, it’s like Christmas morning. Every time we make a mobile pantry delivery, it’s Hanukah. Every time we get a grant that allows us to continue to uplift our community, we experience the holidays. So as long as our community needs us, we will be here to share the gift of food, because our community is a gift to us.