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Recipes Give Life to Our Healthy Food

By Haley Baron December 4, 2012

This past October, the Capital Area Food Bank launched a Healthy Food Initiative publicly declaring its commitment to distributing healthy and nutritious foods.
We want to make sure we always provide healthy options for our partner agencies to help them address both hunger and diet-related issues.
The foods we distribute range from hearty whole grains to fresh, locally sourced produce. But what exactly can you do with these ingredients? Well, we develop delicious recipes!
Recipes give life to ingredients and transform them into healthy meals. The recipes we share with the community show just how committed we are to turning healthy foods into great meals.
Our Healthy Eating Department works with professional chefs who volunteer their time to develop and test each and every one of our recipes.
Every month, partners and food bank staff join our chefs in the kitchen and check to see whether the recipes are up to our standards. We decide how they should be adapted to best suit the needs of our community. After a recipe is tested, we develop recipe cards in both English and Spanish and post them on our website. Soon, all of our recipes will be on our online bilingual recipe card database.
If you are interested in volunteering as part of our recipe development program, or you staff a partner agency and would like to join us for an upcoming recipe testing, please email Haley Baron at