Brown Bag Stories: Coordinator Barbara Minor - Capital Area Food Bank
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Brown Bag Stories: Coordinator Barbara Minor

By Tracey Madigan November 21, 2012

This Thanksgiving, as we take time to share our blessings, we are sharing our stories, too.
Here at the Capital Area Food Bank, we are blessed with being the link between those who help, and those in need.
We also depend on the energy and expertise of our coordinators, who get food from our warehouse, into the kitchens of the seniors who need it most. Meet Barbara Minor, a community coordinator who has been working with the Brown Bag Program for more than seven years, and knows just how much low-income seniors appreciate the help they get.

This year, the Capital Area Food Bank has expanded its Thanksgiving program, known as Bringing in the Birds with Bucks, to include more seniors. Given that many seniors help support family members, we want to have enough food for their families as well.
Our goal this year is to provide meals for 3,900 senior citizens.
We are asking for your generous contributions to help us reach our goal of providing a Thanksgiving meal to our wonderful senior citizens.