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Ingredients to be Thankful For

By Maria Booker November 20, 2012

The Capital Area Food Bank is an organization that has been devoted to our community for 32 years. During this time, we’ve grown and expanded our services to those who struggle with hunger. As we approach our 33rd anniversary, we’d like to take a moment during this holiday season and say “thank you” to our community. These essential pieces come together year after year to help us meet the needs of our friends and neighbors that are struggling with hunger. They complete us like a well-rounded Thanksgiving meal.

The Stuffing

The CAFB is blessed to be supported by wonderful and philanthropic foundations, and corporations and individuals. Our funders are well-rounded, just like the whole grains we promote, and they see the extra cash in their pockets as a way to make a positive impact in their community. Thank you to everyone who donates funds to the CAFB!

The Gravy

The gravy brings all the food on your plate together. A big shout out goes to our volunteers, who donate their time and energy to all aspects of what we do. This past year, our 18,000 volunteers saved the food bank around $2 million in labor expenses. When they’re here, they put some spunk in our step and keep this community organization energized to continue trucking along in the struggle against hunger.

Our “canned goods”: Cranberry Sauce and Green Beans

Our employees are essential in the struggle against hunger. We count on them to keep community partnerships alive, to educate community members about nutrition and to enlighten the community about what services we can offer to those in need. Like our canned shelf staples, they’re in this for the long haul and donate time and energy to alleviating hunger.

The Turkey

The true meat on our bones are our agencies. We supply the food and they do the work on the frontline of hunger relief, making sure that the food gets where it needs to go. We love all 700 of you and are so glad you’ve partnered with us, year after year.

The Pumpkin Pie

Our community food donors are truly the whipped cream on the pie. Because of local food growers, grocery stores, restaurants, conventions and events, we are able to keep a wide variety of foods in our inventory for our partners to choose from.

The Prayer

The Capital Area Food Bank’s prayer is twofold:
First, as we continue in our struggle against hunger, we encourage you, your friends, and your families to join us. Please contact us if you are interested in donating time, energy, money, or food. Second, if you are at risk of hunger, we encourage you to us to find out how we can help. We’ve done this for 32 years, and we have no plans of stopping until hunger is a problem of the past.