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Sports Fan Still Inspired by Abe Pollin

By Claudia Morris November 19, 2012

Profile of donor Raymond Bobo
Raymond pauses, and tries to think back to the first time he donated to the Capital Area Food Bank.
“I’m a huge basketball fan, and I go to lots of Wizards games. I think I saw something once at a game about Abe Pollin, and all he did for the food bank,” says Raymond Bobo, 35.
The late Abe Pollin was a generous man with a passion for helping people, and one of his favorite organizations was the Capital Area Food Bank. In the early 1990s, he established Abe’s Table, raising thousands of dollars for the underserved in the Washington DC area, while urging others to donate as well.
“I guess the message rubbed off on me,” says Raymond, “and now I give every year. There are just so many things to worry about in life, people shouldn’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from.”
With so many causes out there to support, Raymond chose his beneficiary carefully. He checked out the food bank’s numbers against those of some other charities, and was strongly influenced by the fact that 92 cents of each dollar donated goes directly to food distribution, transportation and programs.
“I was impressed by the low overhead costs,” he says. Raymond toured the Capital Area Food Bank, and noted how employees and volunteers work hard together. He makes his annual donations through the food bank’s website.
But the Verizon network engineer is humble when sharing the story of his kindness. The way he sees it, most people are generous, and would give if they could, it’s just that many are struggling financially themselves.
“Lots of people have good hearts, they just cannot give right now because many people dig themselves into a financial ditch, and they are not in a position to help,” he says. “I am definitely fortunate for a lot of things in my life – career, family, etc. – and that’s why I decide to give back.”