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Healthy Cooking at its Finest

By Carl Pigford November 14, 2012

For the past month, the Capital Area Food Bank has been busy creating a database of easy, healthy and affordable recipes for partner agencies. Healthy recipes provided by Kate Sherwood, friend of the food bank and the “Healthy Cook” from the Center for Science on the Public Interest, have been tested in the new Mildred J. Brooks Learning Center.
CAFB staff members tried a variety of recipes that Chef Kate created especially for partner agencies utilizing ingredients commonly found here at the food bank.
I was chosen to participate in this exciting recipe testing session. It was an afternoon that I will never forget! My fellow staff volunteers and I did not know that we would be creating the dishes from scratch. With our aprons on, we quickly gained confidence in our cooking skills and tackled the recipes provided. We even started a friendly competition to determine who created the best dish.
Once the dishes were finished, we all sat down to eat and discuss the recipes. After chatting, laughing and filling our stomachs, we all agreed the recipes Chef Kate provided were extremely simple to make and were both delicious and healthy!