Hunger in America 2014 - Capital Area Food Bank
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Hunger in America 2014

By Allison Majewski November 2, 2012

A comprehensive survey of the community and food bank clients set to wrap up in 2014 is already underway.
Hunger in America 2014 is a study published by Feeding America every four years which provides both national and local data on Feeding America’s network of food banks, partner agencies, and the clients who receive the services.
The survey will help Capital Area Food Bank by showing the areas of need and those who may be underserved—information that is critical to our mission of ending hunger. By looking at the big picture of our service area, we hope to better understand our community through both our partner agencies and clients.
Hunger in America 2014 is divided into two parts: the Agency Survey and the Client Interviews. The Agency Survey is sent to 65,000 agencies that work with a Feeding America Food Bank. Agencies across America have two months to complete the survey detailing their capacity and those they serve. This data collection is critical to understanding the need in our community.
The Agency Survey is different from previous studies. This time, an online format will use skip logic. Skip logic means the survey can vary based on the respondents’ answers, branching into different directions based on answers to certain questions. The use of skip logic helps ensure agencies are answering the correct questions relevant to their work. Questions will focus on programs, distribution, clients served and capacity.
Another change from the previous survey, Hunger in America 2010, is that it includes non-emergency food programs in the study. This change will allow Capital Area Food Bank’s partner agencies to fully express their commitment to the community.
With everyone’s participation in the hunger study, we can continue to work together ‘til no one is hungry.