Food Bank Needs a Van for Volunteers - Capital Area Food Bank
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Food Bank Needs a Van for Volunteers

By Lynn Brantley September 10, 2012

The Capital Area Food Bank is in need of a 15-passanger van or minibus to shuttle volunteers from the Brookland-Catholic University Metrorail station to the food bank’s new food distribution center located at 4900 Puerto Ave. NE – a distance that makes walking from the Metro more of a challenge.
This past year, the food bank hosted over 18,000 volunteers who spent 84,000 hours sorting and packing bags of food for our 700 partner agencies that shop at the food bank. These invaluable volunteers provided services valued at over $2.2 million.
Acquiring a van for a formal shuttle service would enable the food bank to provide convenient and comfortable transportation for our volunteers who rely on the Metro to reach our facility.
Please, if anyone has any information on a potential vehicle that could serve as the food bank’s official shuttle, or would like to donate funds to purchase one, please contact Father Eugene Brake at 301-848-9709.
In advance, thank you for providing us with any leads on acquiring a permanent shuttle to make the connection between the metro and our new home.