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Morale Boost

By Shamia Holloway August 23, 2012

The Capital Area Food Bank recently moved into a new food distribution center, which over time will allow us to feed more people and distribute food more efficiently. The move has sparked a variety of emotions from staff, partner agencies and the community. And as people settle into the new environment or transact with us, we are capturing their reactions. In a series of posts we are running over the next few weeks, we highlight what the new distribution center means to the all the people connected to the food bank.
Some of our Partner Relations team offered their feelings about our new environment.

Our new office lifts my spirits with so much natural light, an open floor plan and comfortable work spaces. I feel excited about the space where we complete the important work the food bank does. The new environment is a better reflection of the food bank’s mission and role in the community. I can’t wait to show our partner agencies and community members this great facility.

—Jenny Shea, Partner Relations Manager

The beauty of the offices as a whole gives us morale, comfort and pleasure in doing our work. Now I can see the sky without having to go outside and I can see all my teammates at a glance, which is awesome. I believe our level of concentration will increase and our partners will get the best out of us as we get settled.

—Daniel Nat-Davies, Distributions Coordinator