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Canned Architecture

By Chris von Spiegelfeld August 16, 2012

With the Olympics concluded, it’s time to turn to another competition gearing up in the Washington metro area. Canstruction DC is upon us, and its architectural participants are already grinding away in the design and planning stages.
Canstruction DC is the only competition in which regional architectural firms square off, outside of a contract bid, by creating structures out of canned goods. At the end of the competition, the structures are disassembled and the cans are donated to the Capital Area Food Bank.
While Canstruction DC doesn’t begin until September 1st, teams are working fast and furiously on the preliminary efforts necessary to successfully erect their structures.
As discussed in a previous post, some teams have already uploaded their concepts by posting CADs to their team pages. EYP/Architecture and Engineering hopes to construct a life-size replica of Robert Indiana’s Love sculpture. WDG Architecture and Interiors could be preparing to pay tribute to a fibrous food staple. And MV+A Architects are in the process of routing the Potomac River through the Building Museum just to dam it.
Rest assured, project managers are working round the clock mitigating any risks that may jeopardize their teams’ canstruction. This year’s participants are leaving nothing to chance.
Just this week, teams began surveying their plots on the National Building Museum carpet. Dumpy levels crowded the facility as crews collected measurements and determined proper triangulation. Some teams even sent engineers to calculate the impact of HVAC wind loads on monuments over 12 feet in height.
Expect to see more teams come online and regularly update their progress on their team pages. Continue to check the leaderboard page for a complete listing of teams. And please show your appreciation for their work by making a donation to your favorite team’s page. All contributions support the Capital Area Food Bank’s mission to feed our neighbors in need.
Furthermore, the team that raises the most donations will claim the prestigious People’s Choice Award. As far as architectural rewards go, there may be no greater honor to display in one’s trophy cabinet.