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Protecting SNAP is a Priority

By Brian Banks August 13, 2012

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is still in danger of major cuts. United States Representatives Jim McGovern (MA), Rosa DeLauro (CT), George Miller (CA), and Marcia Fudge (OH) have introduced a resolution (H.R. 760) rejecting all proposed cuts to SNAP in the House Farm Bill. We need our local representatives to co-sponsor this resolution; the support for H.R. 760 is needed now. The goal of the food bank network is to have as many co-sponsors as possible before Congress returns from recess in September. We must keep our members engaged during recess. Congress has the potential to extend or reauthorize the Farm Bill in September.
If SNAP is cut this is what will happen:

  • 500,000 households would see benefits cut on average by $90 per month
  • 300,000 children would lose their free school meals
  • 2 to 3 million individuals would lose their food assistance entirely

How You Can Help
Members of Congress are waiting to hear your opinions on the cuts. Please call your representative now at 1-877-698-8228. When you call:

  1. Listen to the pre-recorded message and enter your zip code when prompted. You will immediately be connected to the appropriate congressional office.
  2. Give your name and inform the person answering the phone that you are a constituent. Identify your city of residence. Also, please let them know that you rely on the Capital Area Food Bank for federal commodities and SNAP Assistance for your clients.
  3. Use the following script:
    Hello. My name is ________________, I am calling to strongly oppose cuts to SNAP included in the Farm Bill. These cuts would cripple members of the community that are already struggling with putting food on the table to feed themselves and their children. The Capital Area Food Bank is already under pressure to meet the community’s needs. These cuts would force people to rely heavily on charities, and charities cannot meet the great need without help from the federal government. Please urge your colleagues on the House Agriculture Committee to reject cuts to SNAP and all hunger relief programs.
  4. After you call, please encourage your network to make the same call.

Thank you from The Capital Area Food Bank! If you have questions please call Brian D. Banks, Director of Public Policy & Community Outreach for the Capital Area Food Bank at 202-526-5344 or send an e-mail to