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Big Help Comes in Small Packages

By Shamia Holloway July 5, 2012

Submitted by Destiny Combs and Tesfaye Kerala
The fourth grade classes at Immanuel Bible School in Springfield, Virginia volunteer at the CAFB’s Northern Virginia location every month during the school year. They sort donated food before it’s distributed to partner agencies and clients. Even though it’s a required class assignment, many of the students take their volunteering very seriously and think it’s very important.
During their visits, food bank truck driver Tesfaye Kerala explains volunteer activities to the kids. At the conclusion of their volunteering, the children are always asked by CAFB staff what they learned about people in need. The responses always vary. Some children are shocked at the number of families and children at risk of hunger, while others express gratefulness for what they have and understand the need to share.
All the children agreed that volunteering was something they’d like to continue in the future. One particular student noted that even though he didn’t directly hand people food, he played an active role in ensuring that people got food.
As demonstrated by the fourth grade students at Immanuel Bible School, volunteering can be done by people of all ages. If you are interested in donating your time and helping feed people in need, please click here.