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Party for a Cause

By Chamene Howard June 26, 2012

The Capital Area Food Bank recently partnered with ECHOage, an online birthday party service designed to encourage social awareness and appreciation amongst children. The official partnership announcement will take place in mid-July. Debbie Zinman and Alison Smith started ECHOage to provide kids with a more meaningful birthday experience by having them give to those less fortunate and still celebrate with a gift of their own.
The way it works is simple. Invitations are created online and mailed to guests via e-mail. Then instead of gifts, guests are asked to RSVP with a contribution that will be donated to the birthday boy or girl’s choice of charity. Once the party is over parents receive half of the funds to purchase a birthday gift for their child, and the other half to donate to the designated charity, for instance the Capital Area Food Bank.
Additionally, this free service is completely sustainable with electronic party invitations and even a template for thank you notes. Once the invitations are sent, parents can easily add the event to their calendar in Microsoft Outlook.
The food bank is thrilled to be onboard with ECHOage. Compassion, fun and simplicity – what a great way to celebrate! If you have a child or know one whose birthday is coming up, click here for details on how to throw a party while helping those in need.