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Walk It Out

By Matthew Young June 25, 2012

If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, you can have each mile of your daily walk, bike to work, or morning run energizing you and the Capital Area Food Bank’s programming.
Launched on June 6th by social entrepreneur Gene Gurkoff, Charity Miles is a phone app with which you can give to a charity of your choice. Then, plug away each outing’s mileage toward your chosen charity — 10 cents per mile biking; 25 cents per mile running, or walking.
Gurkoff and fellow funders have raised over $1 million toward a growing reserve to go to various charities, including Capital Area Food Bank’s parent organization, Feeding America. Each mile traveled will be paid out of this reserve, with over 65 percent of funds generated going to food banks around the country and 35 percent to Feeding America.
There are no hidden fees, and also, this presents the opportunity to use Facebook and Twitter to message each mile you raise for the Capital Area Food Bank.
Charity Miles aims to attract corporate, foundation, and grassroots sponsorship of crucial charities on a more regular basis. More regular giving, in turn, can lead to more responsive, timely, and innovative programming to meet hunger needs in our region.
Getting started is simple. Download the app to your iPhone or Android by going to your phone’s app store and searching for Charity Miles. Afterward, find the Feeding America campaign, start it and get moving!