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Larry Hill’s Food Pantry Provides Necessary Services

By Roderick Moore June 21, 2012

Larry Hill believes that to work for the “Glory of God” can mean working through food. Thus, Hill began the food pantry at Totally Committed Community Church, located in Washington, D.C.’s Brentwood neighborhood, in January 2009. Larry says the pantry helps those in the community who are struggling with a lack of food and clothing. Their efforts become crucial at the end of the month when their clients have paid their bills and purchased what food they can afford before receiving their next assistance check.
Larry and the pantry often partner with community businesses and organizations, including Nimbo Breads of Springfield, V.A. in the past. When Larry hears stories of clients who have to eat cat food to meet nutritional needs, it strengthens his resolve to build such community networks with the pantry and beyond.
Larry hopes that a partnership on an executive level with local farms and the Capital Area Food Bank can be used to not only provide additional food to the community, but also provide jobs. Larry believes this will create business owners from the community who can then become community leaders and mentors. Thus, good jobs can and should be healthy, community-supportive food jobs, too.