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More Cheese Please!

By Shamia Holloway June 14, 2012

Representatives from Land O’Lakes recently stopped by the Capital Area Food Bank to make a generous 40,000 pound cheese donation. Lori Connelly, of Land O’Lakes, and Dairy Member Michael Oosten helped deliver the contribution of American Cheese to the food bank’s Northeast, DC facility. The food bank’s Healthy Eating Department even provided samples of the donated cheese to staff and participants.
The donation was part of Land O’Lakes First Run Program, which provides truckloads of fresh product to food banks to help alleviate hunger.
Cheese is full of protein and calcium and pairs well with whole grains, beans, meat fruit or vegetables. The donation will help feed hundreds of thousands of residents struggling with hunger in the Washington metro region. More importantly, the donation helps the CAFB ensure that all residents have access to fresh, nutritious food.
Here’s a fun fact – one pound of cheese yields four cups of shredded cheese! The one pound block of cheese that will be distributed to families can be used to make eight burritos, 16 English muffin pizzas or eight omelets. A special thanks to Land O’Lakes for the donation.