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The Real Face of SNAP

By Jahnin Davis June 5, 2012

When people think of SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as food stamps), they think of it as a program benefiting the homeless or those living in extreme poverty.
The SNAP program, which helps low income families and individuals purchase nutritious food, is actually used by people of all ages and backgrounds – the family of five living in Brookland; the World War II Veteran living alone in a housing project; or the nurse working night shifts at George Washington University Hospital.
The populations vary but they all meet the SNAP eligibility requirements based on income, family size and other factors. As a SNAP Outreach worker, I meet people of all races and ages struggling to make ends meet. I’ve worked with disabled, retired, professional, jobless and homeless individuals. They all share a common need of getting food for themselves and their families.
SNAP provides a critical safety net for those struggling with hunger and helps ensure access to quality, nutritious food. It is vital to ensure no food is taken off the table. Please help by contacting your local legislator and letting them know our neighbors in need can’t afford to lose SNAP.