Our New Home Offers Hope for Residents in Need - Capital Area Food Bank
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Our New Home Offers Hope for Residents in Need

By Hilary Salmon May 8, 2012

Almost a year and a half after construction began on the Capital Area Food Bank’s new building, we are now just months away from moving into our new food distribution center. It’s been a long time in the making, but we’re almost there.
For years, the food bank’s new home existed only as a paper rendering; as a vision in the hearts and minds of the staff, board, donors and other community members who recognized that the growing need for food in the region could only be met with a bigger facility.
Today, the vision in that rendering has come to life. An idea has become walls, concrete floors, racks and conference rooms. It has become freezers and coolers capable of storing more of the fresh produce and nutritious food that our partner agencies request and our clients deserve. It has become a storage area capable of holding double the amount of food of our current space. It has become offices and training spaces that will help our partners and recipients prepare healthier meals and stretch their food dollars.
The true vision behind a larger food bank, however, is not about a building at all. It is about a community where people are better nourished, where seniors get the food they need to remain healthy and active, and where mothers and fathers do not have to choose between paying medical bills or feeding their families. The food bank’s expansion is one step towards a future filled with more food and more hope for all of our neighbors.

See through pictures how it all came together.