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Ode to Volunteering

By Nicole Durant April 26, 2012

With National Poetry Month coming to a close, the Capital Area Food Bank is honored to cap it with the creative work of long-time volunteer Bridget Monroe.

by Bridget Monroe
Today, things are hard for many people with hundreds of
Households trying to survive without jobs, it’s almost impossible to have
Enough food to prepare meals, not to mention healthy meals, for their families. But there is hope!
Caring people you work with or who live next door, provide free cooking lessons, nutrition classes
And make monetary donations, volunteer at fundraising events, regularly
Participate in food drives, or sort and pack food. We are ordinary people
Involved in something that has become a national crisis for the entire country.
There is a greater need than we have ever faced before and people from all walks of life
Are rising to the occasion to do something about it; every small thing that we do
Leads to one more person or family being fed. Volunteers are:
Always contributing to the greater good of others and are
Ready to lend a hand wherever needed,
Eager to get started on the task before us and willing to
Accept the challenge of making a difference in someone’s life.
For we know our work does not come back empty-handed.
Our dedication is for a lifetime of giving.
Our call to duty is a Commandment that we must follow and remain
Diligent – least we not forget it could be us in need one day, so I say unto you, my
Brethen, come
Not tomorrow, but today
Volunteer with us. You won’t regret it, I PROMISE!

Bridget and her family, along with a group of colleagues from DLA Piper, have generously donated their time to the CAFB one Wednesday per month for nearly six years. Volunteers are critical to the food bank’s mission, and committed individuals such as Bridget help us continue feeding those in need.

If you’re interested in creating your own volunteer experience, please click here to learn how you can donate your gifts, time and talents to the Capital Area Food Bank and join the 15,000 volunteers who support our mission each year.