Chamene Dispatches Wayne as Mayor of Food Bank - Capital Area Food Bank
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Chamene Dispatches Wayne as Mayor of Food Bank

By Chelsea Foster April 3, 2012

The food bank has a new mayor! Food bank staffer, Chamene Howard, just removed former mayor and Second Genesis shopper, Wayne Brooks. Evidently, Wayne did not “check-in” enough to ensure another term as mayor. If this makes little to no sense, then you’re not on Foursquare.
Foursquare, a popular social networking application, allows users to share their locations with friends through a check-in feature typically accessed on smart phones. Users may also amplify their check-in announcement by syncing their Foursquare updates with Twitter and Facebook.
Users commonly check-in to restaurants, bars, theaters, events, and museums with dreams of badges, discounts, and friend envy. The user is crowned mayor by checking-in to a location more than anyone else. A mayor’s term lasts for 60 days. At the end of the term, the current mayor may hold onto the title for another term if no other user has surpassed them in check-ins.
Previous food bank mayor Wayne Brooks served several consecutive terms. However, in recent weeks he failed to check-in with the food bank when visiting. Last month, he was even brazen enough to go on record challenging others:

I’m just waiting for someone to knock me off my mayorship, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Well Wayne, Chamene just did. In victory, Chamene exulted:

King Kong has nothing on me!

We certainly appreciate the rivalry and hope others join Foursquare and compete. To do so, visit Foursquare and create an account. Make sure to download the app on your smart phone. And don’t forget to check-in on your next visit to the Capital Area Food Bank!