CAFB Racks Up Help from Harris Teeter - Capital Area Food Bank
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CAFB Racks Up Help from Harris Teeter

By Cecelia Vergaretti February 14, 2012

Imagine shopping at your local Harris Teeter and pulling off grocery items from racks no bigger than your corner store’s. Turn the aisle and you’re then suffocated by obtrusive bookcases holding the remainder of items you need to complete your grocery list. Such was the case at the Capital Area Food Bank’s Northern Virginia Branch until recently.
This January, Harris Teeter generously donated and installed new store shelving which greatly improves the shopping experience for our partners. With the new shelves, we are more efficiently stocking our donated products from food drives and other sources. Consequently, agencies take considerably less time to select items frequently used by their clients.
Kevin Henderson, our warehouse stocker, loves to watch the expressions on the faces of our agency shoppers when they see the new-and-improved shopping area. Kevin mentions, “It is amazing how the right equipment can make a place run smoother. Even though these shelves are much larger than our old shelves, the shopping area looks much bigger.” Additionally, Kevin notes, “we are able to stock more items on the shelves and because of the configuration, we have more room for shoppers to pull their carts through the area. “
We are happy to have Harris Teeter partnering with us to eradicate hunger in the Washington metropolitan area. Its recent donation has immediately transformed the way we assist our partners thus providing them more time to take care of people at risk of hunger. Thanks Harris Teeter for making a difference to us and the community we serve.