Growing Gardeners and Healthy Eaters: The Capital Area Food Bank Celebrates Food Day - Capital Area Food Bank
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Growing Gardeners and Healthy Eaters: The Capital Area Food Bank Celebrates Food Day

By Abbie Steiner October 24, 2011


Today marks the inaugural Food Day, an initiative created by the Center for Science in the Public Interest to inspire Americans to think about their relationship with food.  Modeled after Earth Day, Food Day is intended to generate recognition of the challenges we face in changing the way we think about, produce and consume food in America.  The goal of Food Day is to start a movement to “Eat Real” in communities across the country –  it is the hope of Food Day activists and organizers that today will mark the beginning of the transformation of the American Diet.

To celebrate Food Day, the food bank’s Harvest For Health Department has teamed up with the National WIC Association to provide gardening and healthy eating education to mothers and children at a WIC Clinic in Anacostia.  Participants will learn how easy, valuable and fun gardening can be with children, and better understand how gardening can help grow healthy eaters at a young age.  We will read great gardening children stories, learn about what plants need to grow, transplant peas to grow in a sunny windowsill and taste fresh and easy to grow produce.

Today’s celebration serves as a great marker of the work that the Capital Area Food Bank and all of our partners do daily!  Everyday, the agencies that we work with create access to food and feed those struggling with hunger in the Washington metro area.  The food bank’s commitment to fresh produce and partnership with regional farmers increases the availability of real and equitable food in our warehouse.  The education and capacity building initiatives of our programs raise awareness about healthy eating and living.  All of these things and more empower us daily to feed hope, nourish change and create sustainability, making the work of the food bank an example of Food Day’s Guiding Principles in action!

Visit the Food Day to learn more about how you can join the “Eat Real” movement and take a moment to encourage Congress to support Food Day’s goals by clicking here.

Happy Food Day!