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The Fruit Party Parfait

By Danielle Mulack October 13, 2011

I’d like to share with you all a video that one of our Kids Cafe® sites created of our September Snack Box lesson – the Fruit Party Parfait. Check it out below.

[sb name=”september_snack”]

The Snack Box program delivers healthy snack ingredients along with recipes and educational materials to Kids Café sites so that site leaders can engage in interactive, educational snack preparation with children.

Valencia Jackson, our new Kids Cafe® Nutrition Education Trainer, created this snack and lesson during her first month on the job! The purpose of the lesson was to talk about fruits and reinforce the USDA’s new guidelines to fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables. Valencia created an educational activity where kids attach their favorite fruits to half of their breakfast, lunch, and dinner plates – because fruit makes every meal a party! Valencia distributed the Snack Box to 21 sites, providing resources to Kids Cafe site leaders to make snack time healthy, educational, and fun.

Valencia is packing up the October Snack Box lesson – Half Moon Veggie Pita – today. This lesson will focus on the benefits of vegetables and will again reinforce the recommendation to fill half you plate with fruits and vegetables.