Little League Group Donates to Food For Kids - Capital Area Food Bank
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Little League Group Donates to Food For Kids

By mmorse June 15, 2011

Article written by: Marie Morse, Food For Kids Associate

Donations and volunteers have always been a crucial part of the work completed at the Capital Area Food Bank.  Luckily, one volunteer took her efforts to the next level by organizing a canned food drive in order to support the Food For Kids department!  Deb Roeber and her son Dalton are involved with the West Springfield Little League and organized a competition between little league teams to see who could provide the most items.

Food for Kids staff in NOVA worked with Deb, who secures other donations such as tickets from the Nationals, for WSLL events.   When asked about where she developed her desire to assist the community and the CAFB Deb said that:

“My son Dalton inspired me to give back as he volunteered at your Kids Cafe in March to earn hours for the national junior honor society. Dalton needed some more hours so we both thought of the idea to join his favorite sport and give back. Here we thought why not have his fellow teammates and friends he plays ball with give back as well. The community always support us so we wanted to help others. We hope to continue to give back to the food bank in the years to come!”

People like Deb, and all volunteers enhance the quality of work we are able to complete here at the food bank.  I enjoy the opportunity to get to work with people like her and other CAFB staff who are dedicated to addressing hunger problems in the Washington metro area!


Truck full of donations from Little League teams