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Twitter The Night Away at The #BlueJeansBall

By Shamia Holloway April 7, 2011

Hello Internet! I wanted to write a quick post to you about the 8th Annual Blue Jeans Ball and give you some inside info on what you can expect to see from a social media perspective. This year, a number of our colleagues and attendees will be tweeting all night to document the event in order to keep our offsite followers up-to-date. We hope that you support us by retweeting any tweets you find particularly amusing. We’ll be using the hashtag #BlueJeansBall so if want to follow along and join the conversation, you’ll need to include that in your tweet. In return for your generous social media love, we’ll feature your tweets and re-tweets on massive 10-foot screens in the middle of the Blue Jeans Ball. You’ll pretty much be famous within seconds amongst the hundreds of attendees for that evening, so have at it!

We’ll also have a team from iStrategyLabs running around, capturing footage of the amazing spread provided by the area’s best restaurants; we’ll post a recap video of that footage later in the month with the intention of coaxing you out to next year’s Blue Jeans Ball.
As always, you can find us on Twitter @foodbankmetrodc, and you can join the conversation by including the hashtag #BlueJeansBall in your tweets. We look forward to chatting with you on Twitter Sunday night, and thank you to all that already follow us and continually show us love by reading our posts and talking about us all over the blogosphere.