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Child Hunger Ends Here: A Special Report

By Kendra Rowe Salas March 18, 2011

There are 200,000 children in the Washington metropolitan area at risk of or are currently experiencing hunger.  The statistics for our area illustrate the need in our local community and reflect what is happening across the nation.

We are excited to see the recent focus and energy around childhood hunger.  This urgent issue is being recognized more as a serious issue that we must face together as a nation. Please join us in watching “Child Hunger Ends Here: A Special Report” this Saturday evening, March 19.  This 30-minute in-depth report will focus on the issue of child hunger in America.  Click here for air times.

If you missed it, take a moment to view the “Hard Times Generation: Homeless Kids” segment from 60 Minutes that aired on March 6, 2011. This powerful video illustrates the impact of homelessness and hunger on children.  Hear from children themselves as they share their feelings about their current situations.  Click here to view this segment.

Join us in learning more about the state of our children and what we can do to help.  For more information about what the Capital Area Food Bank is doing to help children in our area, visit our website or come on a tour.