The Platinum Wedding - Capital Area Food Bank
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The Platinum Wedding

By Brian Banks September 29, 2010

On the morning of Friday, September 17, 2010 I woke up not wanting to attend what I assumed to be just another conference.  I knew that receiving a personal invite to attend D.C.’s Department of Human Services, Income Maintenance Administration’s 15th Annual Food Stamp Payment Accuracy Conference, was an honor and privilege that few outsiders get.  I did not know, however, that the “Platinum Wedding” – the perfect union of modernization and zero errors – would truly be a wedding! 
I’ll explain!  The wedding theme was carried out throughout the entire conference with a wedding, a reception, and presumably during next years conference IMA will get to the honeymoon.  I wish I could explain better but it’s one of those events you have to be a part of to truly understand.
 What I will tell you is this – IMA has done an exceptional job in improving the way they provide services to District residents.  Many,  if not all of these improvements, are because of the great leaders they have in Ellen Wells, Deputy Administrator of IMA.  Wells and her staff have worked to modernize their office, improve customer service and improve their accuracy rate.  IMA is also implementing new innovative business practices and policies including web-based data retrieval, CRMU Scanning Process, Q-Matic Customer Service Boards, Health Care Reform and my favorite Categorical Food Stamp Eligibility.
IMA is on track to do great things in the Nation’s Capital.  I am happy to have been invited and I enjoyed every second of the conference’s workshops, speakers (which I was one), and the opportunity to learn in an environment where every person in attendance showed they not only take there work seriously, but they also enjoy the work they do.  Most importantly the IMA workers look forward to helping the residents of D.C. live a more productive life.
 If anyone ever says you can’t count on the D.C. Government, then they have not met the leaders and staff of the Income Maintenance Administration. Great job IMA!  Please keep up the great work and know that the Capital Area Food Bank is proud to be your partner.  I’m looking forward to next years conference.