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Skip Lunch Today and Feed A Bunch!

By Shamia Holloway September 22, 2010

Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle is doing it!  Journalist Cokie Roberts and her husband Steve Roberts are doing it!  Even the U.S. Department of Agriculture Kevin Concannon is doing it too!

They are all skipping lunch and donating what they would normally spend on lunch to the food bank. 

We’re the food bank so we’re not asking you too actually skip a meal, but we are asking you to think about the 1 in 2 children under 18 in the District struggling with hunger; the senior citizens who are forced to choose between eating or buying medicine; or the father who was recently laid off and forced to visit one of our partner agencies for assistance to feed his family.  

 As you fork over $5 for that cup of coffee or $10 for a salad, think about how that money can be used to feed a family.   With just $5 we can provide 15 meals.  Fox 5 stopped by to tape a segment and a member of the camera crew donated $100!  That money will help us  provide 300 meals! 

Today is the actual day of Skip Lunch, but we are accepting donations throughout the month of September.  Click here to donate and help us nourish our neighbors in need!