Skip Lunch Feed A Bunch 2010 - Capital Area Food Bank
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Skip Lunch Feed A Bunch 2010

By Shamia Holloway August 12, 2010

Stop!  Before you plunk down five dollars for that sandwich or indulge in that pricey salad, think about how far those dollars could go to help feed families and children struggling to get enough food.

We are gearing up for our Skip Lunch Feed a Bunch campaign coming up on September 22nd.  We don’t want you to actually skip lunch but we want you to donate what you would normally spend on that salad, sandwich or coffee to the food bank.  With just five dollars the food bank can provide 15 meals. 

 Companies can even form teams and sign up to participate!  In this friendly competition, teams that raise the most money will receive some cool incentives. 

Feeding America, the Capital Area Food Bank’s umbrella organization, declared September National Hunger Action Month so we will accept donations throughout the month. 

Just as easily as you fork over money for lunch, reach into your pockets on September 22nd and give a little to help our neighbors in need.  It doesn’t take a lot!