Blue Jeans Ball - 2 Days Away - Capital Area Food Bank
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Blue Jeans Ball – 2 Days Away

By Kasandra Gunter Robinson March 26, 2010

This year you can follow what’s going on at the Blue Jeans Ball via Twitter by searching for the hashtag #bluejeansball. Our friends at iStrategyLabs will be using to grab quick insights from attendees about how an event like the Blue Jeans Ball impacts the issue of hunger. These insights will be automatically tweeted out using the #blujeansball hashtag on the Capital Area Food Banks twitter account @foodbankmetrodc.
Feel free to provide your own insights via twitter, but be sure to add #bluejeansball to your tweet so we can find it. You can also get involved by sharing some twitter love with us by retweeting our videos and letting us know which ones you like the best and why. If  we don’t see you at the Blue Jeans Ball, we’ll be looking out for you on twitter!