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Tour Reveals New Hunger Stats and More…

By Claudia Morris March 4, 2010

Did you know that in the D.C. Metropolitan Area working people represent more than half of those struggling with hunger?  Did you know that hunger in this area is up 25 percent over 2006 stats? Statistics from Hunger in America 2010. These new statistics and more are revealed during monthly scheduled tours at the Capital Area Food Bank.

Determined to raise awareness about hunger in the Washington Metropolitan area, the food bank began giving tours to the public just over two years ago. Perhaps you’ve heard about the CAFB, our mission to alleviate hunger and provide skills to help those at risk of hunger become independent of the need for emergency food services.  But there is so much more to tell. Perhaps the scope of hunger in our community is still a vague statistic to you. We will show you how we help the many thousands of our neighbors who come to us for help in feeding themselves and their families and we will bring those impersonal statistics down to individual stories you will find, surprisingly, in many cases not too different than your own.


Visitors come to the food bank for a tour and walk away with a much clearer understanding of the issues surrounding hunger and how they can help. “Eye-opener, very informative, startling numbers and I wasn’t aware that you provided nutrition programs or grow your own produce” are some of the recent comments heard after a tour. Our intent is to spread the word about hunger as far and wide as possible here in the shadow of our Nation’s Capital.  On a tour, you will:

  • meet Lynn Brantley, CAFB co-founder, President and CEO
  • learn more about hunger in the D.C. Metropolitan Area
  • learn how we served over 478,000 people at risk of hunger last year, with numbers rising
  • hear about our many programs and how we provide sustainable access to healthy, nutritious food

We also welcome your interested friends, family and colleagues, so please feel free to sign them up. We can also accommodate large group tours upon request. Click here for the tour schedule.