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Dramatic Increase in Hunger, Study Reveals

By Kasandra Gunter Robinson February 2, 2010

Hunger in America 2010, the most comprehensive study examining emergency food assistance was released today by the Capital Area Food Bank and Feeding America.  Not surprising, the number of people in the Washington metro area has increased significantly – 25 percent, since 2006.
The CAFB is now serving over 478,000 people through a network of partner agencies annually.  About half of these are children.  An estimated 88,400 people receive emergency food assistance each week from a food pantry, soup kitchen or other agency served by the CAFB – 19,000 more than four years ago.
It may be surprising to learn that many of the people needing food assistance have jobs, over 50 percent. They are professional people who are underemployed, people working at minimum wage jobs trying to make ends meet, even senior citizens who have had to return to the workforce.
 Hunger in America is unacceptable. We can all do something to help – donate funds or hold a fundraiser benefiting the food bank. You can also volunteer in our warehouse.  We appreciate the way the community supports our efforts by holding food drives. You can even guest write a blog post for us, retweet our messages on Twitter or follow us on Facebook.  If everyone does a little, it will go a long way. 
A topline document on Hunger in America 2010 or the entire study is available.