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Food for Kids During the Holidays

By Kendra Rowe Salas December 26, 2009

The Food For Kids department partners with sites throughout our community making sure that children have enough food and proper nutrition at times when they are most at risk of hunger – after school, on weekends, during the summer and during the winter holidays. To help give the children we serve a great holiday season, we distributed fruit bags, filled with apples, pears, oranges and tangerines. We provided our Kids CafeĀ® sites with food and supplies for each to host a festive meal. And to help our Kids Cafe families that are most in need, we distributed 317 holiday meal boxes, each with enough food for a family of six – more than double the amount we provided last year! Together with our partners and in the spirit of the season, Food For Kids was able to have a great impact on the children in our community, helping each of them to experience a happy – and healthy – holiday season!