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Bringing in the Birds with Bucks

By Kirsse Zemedhun October 26, 2009

When asked the question, what does the food bank mean to you? Mr. Joseph Walton replied, “It means keeping my cupboard full and my stomach too,” a rather simple and honest answer. Simple it may be, but for some low-income seniors, getting their daily supply of food is neither simple nor easy. Most only have their monthly social security check or pension that barely covers their rent, utilities and prescription drugs and leaves very little for food. Mr. Walton is one of many that survive on his very small monthly pension.         
He proudly served in the United States Navy during World War II, the Reserves thereafter; and worked at Walter Reed Medical Hospital before he retired. He is now enrolled in the Senior Brown Bag program, so he doesn’t have to worry about his next meal. He still stands proud, composed and cheerfully posed for a picture as he picked up his monthly Brown Bag.
kirssee_pic Joseph walton (arthur Caper I)
No one should work all their life and have to struggle to get their next meal once retired. The holiday season especially, I’d like to see these wonderful seniors with their cupboards full and their stomachs too. They deserve a great Thanksgiving meal. It only costs $15 for each senior to get a holiday basket – every donation will help. Mr. Walton is especially excited to have his daughter cook his Thanksgiving meal. I hope this can happen for him and everyone else in Brown Bag program.
Last year, the Capital Area Food Bank raised over $44,000 through Bringing in the Birds with Bucks which allowed us to provide 2000 Thanksgiving baskets for seniors.  Our goal for this year is 2500 baskets, so please make a donation today.  You’ll be warming the heart of senior citizen in our community.