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Show Your Heart Some Love

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We all know that a healthy heart is essential to our well-being; take good care of it with with exercise and a well-balanced diet.

Stories of Giving: Paulette and Pauline

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When I arrive with the produce for our free weekend farmers’ markets around 8 a.m., there are always at least 70 people already lined up, even when it’s cold or raining. When the market opens a few hours later, we get to work distributing food to the 300+ men, women, and kids who come out… Read more »

Stories of Giving: Jake and Evan

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We just got done with our first semester at George Washington University where we spend a lot of time debating theories on which governmental systems would make people’s lives better. After all those discussions, we wanted to truly do something to help people. With the semester ending, our debate group – the GW Student Vanguard… Read more »

Stories of Giving: Claire

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Claire's letter to the food bank: dear capital food bank, my name is claire. i am 5 1/2. i live in washington, d.c. i saved this money. i am giving it to you for people who do not have enough to eat. i will try to be helpful in the next four years. love, clair

Giving back is important to our family, especially at the holidays. We talk with our daughters about giving presents to those who don’t have them, and we’ve had similar conversations about food. When I was making a donation to the food bank, my daughter Claire asked what I was doing and I explained that we… Read more »

Stories of Giving: Ellen

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Ellen Segal sorting food on a conveyor belt

Once a month, like clockwork, you’ll find me at the Capital Area Food Bank’s distribution center sorting food, packing up boxes (with everything from green beans to peanut butter), or putting together meals for seniors. Several years ago, I got my friend Dave involved too! We’ve gathered quite a reputation as “Team Dave and Ellen”…. Read more »

Stories of Giving: Tom and Jay

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When people were suffering after Hurricane Harvey earlier this year, we knew we had to do something. Food is the most basic human need, so that’s what we focused on. We both have young kids, and we wanted to show them that helping others is the right thing to do. Before long, we had our… Read more »

How Does Your #GivingTuesday Dollar Work?

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This #GivingTuesday, we’re asking the community to help raise the funds for 400,000 meals in one day. With your support, we can do it! When you give, you’ll be strengthening the community by getting meals to neighbors across Washington and the surrounding Virginia and Maryland suburbs who need them. How does that happen, you ask?… Read more »

Give Big, The Grocer Way

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As you head into your favorite grocery store this weekend, or any day through the holidays, we encourage to jump in- grab a bag, donate at the register, or select our most wanted items and add to our collection bins that are located at the front of the store.