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Inside Look: Summer Meals in Action

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Ever wonder what the Food Bank’s Summer Meals program looks like in action? Take an inside look at mealtime for Community Services Foundation, a CAFB partner that hosts a summer camp and provides free breakfast and lunch for kids throughout the summer.

Summer Meals Fuel Summer Fun and Learning

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Audrey Walker says breakfast is the “key to giving our kids a kick start for the day.” She should know. As Director of Youth Services at Jubilee Housing—one of the Food Bank’s nonprofit partners —Audrey runs the summer camp where kids are provided breakfast and lunch every day through the Capital Area Food Bank summer meals program.

What to Do With Your Urban Garden Harvest

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If you’ve had a chance to follow along on the blog in the last couple of months, you may have already learned how to create your very own urban container garden and what you can plant in it. This month, if your garden is reaching full bloom, the next question is: “What can I do with all this food?”

Focusing on Food and Family: Justin’s Story

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When Justin came to the United States from Ghana nine years ago, he dreamed of working hard and building a family. That dream came true as he gained employment in the food industry, got married, and had three children. But with a growing family came a growing budget, and that budget soon stretched to its limits.

How One School Principal Turned His School into a Year-Round Hunger Solution

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Principal Clint Mitchell recognizes the distant look in children’s eyes when they can’t concentrate, and he knows that an empty stomach is often the cause. When he came on board at Mount Vernon Woods Elementary School, he got to work making sure his school provided hunger solutions – both during the academic year and the summer months when school is out.

Greeting Kids with a Smile and a Snack: Cierra’s Story

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Every day, Cierra Peterson greets each child with a smile as they come through the door at Little Lights, an after-school program that partners with the Capital Area Food Bank to provide nutritious meals to the kids who attend. The daily interactions are special to her, and she knows firsthand how much positive impact it can have on children’s lives.

What to Plant in Your Urban Garden

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We’re in the heart of spring, and summer is on the way! Last month, we taught you how to create your very own urban container garden. Container gardening is an easy way to grow vegetables, especially when you lack yard space. But what can you grow in it? Come find out!

Cooking Dinner is a Family Pastime: Michelle’s Story

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Michelle, a single mother of three whose family participates in the food bank’s Family Markets program, has always believed in the power of nutrition. She strives to put a balanced meal on the table every night, and she’s always loved to cook—meat, fish, beans, veggies, lentils. The food bank’s Family Market program helps her do that.