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Doing More – and Better – for Seniors

In DC alone, 11% of people over age 60 are food insecure. Just as the CAFB focuses its efforts on research and innovation to better serve senior clients in the Greater Washington area, reauthorization of the OAA is an opportunity to ensure that the best services possible remain available for older Americans in our region and beyond. Read More

A New Perspective on Hunger

Gabby grew up in the DC area, but it wasn't until her tenure at the Capital Area Food Bank as the 2019 Hunger Lifeline Intern that she found a new perspective on the food insecurity prevalent in her community. Now, she is further inspired to pursue a career in public health and social justice. Read More

The Difference An After School Meal Makes

Akiema’s job helps her pay the family’s bills, but it doesn’t leave much left over for food. She used to worry about how she’d make sure her kids got enough to eat, especially over the summer and after school. Today, though, that’s changed. Read more to learn how. Read More

Inside Look: Summer Meals in Action

Ever wonder what the Food Bank’s Summer Meals program looks like in action? Take an inside look at mealtime for Community Services Foundation, a CAFB partner that hosts a summer camp and provides free breakfast and lunch for kids throughout the summer. Read More

Cheesy Bean Bites

207 calories | 16g carbs | 6g fat (1.2g sat fat) | 15g protein |348mg sodium | 4g fiber per serving Serves 9 for $5.41… Read More

Summer Meals Fuel Summer Fun and Learning

Audrey Walker says breakfast is the “key to giving our kids a kick start for the day.” She should know. As Director of Youth Services at Jubilee Housing—one of the Food Bank’s nonprofit partners —Audrey runs the summer camp where kids are provided breakfast and lunch every day through the Capital Area Food Bank summer meals program. Read More

Chickpea Stew

350 calories | 54g carbs | 9g total fat (1g sat fat) | 14g protein |360g sodium | 10g fiber per serving Serves 4 for… Read More