Internship & Fellowship Program

Are you looking for a non-profit internship? Non-profit internships are a great way to bridge the gap between going to school and landing great job. Especially at the Capital Area Food Bank! Internships can help you develop your experience in non-profits by learning the ropes from experienced professionals.

For more information and to apply for part-time and full-time internships and fellowships, click here!

The Capital Area Food Bank is committed to addressing hunger through a multi-faceted approach that requires a wide range of skilled employees with diverse experiences and backgrounds. We are looking for people who are committed to social justice and enjoy making a difference in the community in which they live. If this describes you, please consider joining our team of talented and dedicated staff.

Interns will receive a solid understanding and appreciation of the issues of food insecurity in and around the nation’s capital, and the programs and approaches that are being deployed directly by the Food Bank and, indirectly, through partners to address these issues both in the short and longer term. Interns will have the chance to engage with experts in the field and gain some hands-on experience in food flow.

In addition to working towards positive change in the lives of thousands of D.C. metro area residents, the Capital Area Food Bank offers its interns and fellows a business casual work and learning environment.