Recipe of the Month: Carrot Cake Pancakes


Open up the kitchen cupboards and chances are a bag of flour is sitting on the shelves. It is also likely you may discover that leftover pumpkin pie spice from Thanksgiving hidden in the back corner. Pull out the produce drawer or open the freezer and there they will be! An old carrot duo, a lonely sweet potato, or a half-used bag of frozen corn sitting there in limbo.

That’s what March is all about. It’s National Nutrition Month and we honor the culinary imagination it takes to make food go further with what’s on hand. This month, we pour our hearts into pancakes because they are kind on the budget, cross over the lines of sweet and savory, and are kid friendly to name just a few reasons. As you innovate in the pan this month, hold these pancake insights near and dear:

Pancake Key Ingredients
Flour, baking powder, baking soda, eggs, milk (or nut milk), oil and spices. These are the bones of a good pancake. With these on hand pancakes can happen at a moment’s notice.

Kids in the Kitchen
Kids love making pancakes! I’ve tested this in my own kitchen with my 3 ½ and 6 ½ year old. From the stirring to the measuring to the mixing to adding the raisins, kids’ hands will be happy making these.

Swap it Out
No Carrots? Shred a zucchini, wrap in a cloth towel and ring out the liquid. Use in place of the carrot. Or shred a sweet potato, cook in the microwave 2 minutes and toss it into the batter.

Make it a Meal
Can pancakes be a meal? Absolutely. Our carrot cake pancake recipe already hits the whole grain and veggie targets. For protein, shmear on some peanut butter OR mix in some shredded cheddar cheese to the batter and your gold OR add a generous dollop of Greek yogurt

A Savory Suggestion
Instead of cinnamon, use curry powder and add some frozen or canned peas to the batter. Top pancakes with plain yogurt mixed with chopped cilantro.

Waste Less Food
Pancakes are a hearty vessel that can hold any of your fruits or veggies that are on the brink. Here we use carrots, bananas, apples, sweet potato, finely chopped steamed broccoli, corn or chopped spinach are all viable pancake additions. Adding shredded cheese to veggie based pancakes make these a savory winner. Topping yogurt and honey or a nut butter sweeten the deal with fruit filled pancakes.


Checkout our Carrot Cake Pancake Recipe here.

carrot cake pancakes