On The Twelfth Day of Giving, My Food Bank Gave to Me…


12 Donors Giving!

Ten years ago, I came to the food bank for the first time as a volunteer. I knew almost instantly I’d found a place I wanted to keep coming back to. And the more I learned about hunger in this area as I worked with the CAFB, the more important it felt to support the food bank’s work financially.

Food wasn’t always on my radar as a charitable giving priority, probably because it had always been available to me.  But as I discovered the pervasiveness of hunger in this affluent region – the sheer number of children, minimum-wage workers, low-income seniors, and others without access to good food on a regular basis – I was stunned. I felt I had to do something to help slash this number.

I want to be part of the solution in the fight against hunger. By giving to the food bank, I know that I am. And thanks to the food bank’s notably low fundraising expenses and overhead costs, I also know that almost all of the money I give will go directly to initiatives that help get food to kids, families, and seniors.

By giving generously this holiday season, we can all make a big difference.  As a matter of fact, 12 friends of the food bank have also signed up to match any gift made before the clock strikes midnight tonight, up to $100,000.

Will you join me in providing kids and families with the meals they need?  I hope so. Together we can solve hunger.