“C” Is for Cookie — That’s Good Enough for CAFB


Junior Girl Scout Troop 4461 arrived at the Capital Area Food Bank’s D.C. food distribution center on a Saturday afternoon ready to work.

The troop took a break from their cookie business to give back during an exciting volunteer event where they packed food for 100 kids!

The day started with a discussion in the food bank’s Mildred J. Brooks Teaching Kitchen. The girls talked about their favorite foods – pomegranates were a popular one – and the joy that food can bring.

The conversation eventually turned to the number of residents and children in need. In the Washington metro area, 1 in 5 children is at risk of or experiencing hunger – that’s over 200,000 children. Hungry children are more vulnerable to sickness and infections, as well as developmental and educational problems. Ultimately, the girls agreed that by working together with the food bank, they could help kids who are struggling with hunger.

Then, with an intensified sense of purpose, the Girl Scouts got busy packing bags for the CAFB’s Weekend Bag program, which sends groceries home with participants every Friday. Through the program, the food bank serves over 2,200 kids each weekend, many of whom rely on school breakfasts and lunch. When school’s out, the CAFB steps in.

The room was abuzz with energy as the troop moved through the assembly line, packing each Weekend Bag with care and excitement. The bags included sliced canned peaches, applesauce cups and boxes of spaghetti. That Saturday, Girl Scouts carried 100 Weekend Bags through the Capital Area Food Bank. The next Friday, 100 kids carried them home.

Thank you to all of the volunteers! For more information about getting groups of kids involved in food bank programs, please contact Grace Lichaa at glichaa@capitalareafoodbank.org.

4 Responses to ““C” Is for Cookie — That’s Good Enough for CAFB”

  1. avatar Marietta Smith

    Wow!! What an awesome opportunity. And it sounds like they had excellent leaders! Go, CAFB!!

  2. avatar Cindy

    WTG Olivia and Girl Scout Troop 4461! You all should be very proud of your great work!!

  3. avatar Gale Smith

    Thank you for this exciting article, CAFB! This Weekend Bag program directly helps kids and is certainly needed. Who coordinates all those 2,200 bags getting packed and delivered every week? Must be an exhausting and very rewarding job! I’m so proud of all of you for your important work.
    Blessings for your day,

  4. avatar Paula Chandler - Co Leader Troop 4461

    Special shout out to Olivia and Grace. You were wonderful and the girls loved you!!!